Ivanka Trump Arrives in South Korea for Games and Diplomacy

Despite South Korean hopes that Ms. Kim and Mr. Pence would use the Games as an opportunity for their own diplomacy, the two ignored each other in Mr. Moon’s V.I.P. box at the opening ceremony, where they sat just feet apart. South Korean officials arranged a later meeting between the two, American officials said, but the North Koreans pulled out at the last minute.

With Ms. Kim having seized the media spotlight as the first immediate member of the North’s ruling family to set foot in South Korea, Ms. Trump’s visit is expected to restore some luster to the American side of the unspoken propaganda contest.

Local media has already been touting similarities between the women, calling Ms. Kim “North Korea’s Ivanka” because of the influence the two are purported to have over the heads of state in their respective families.

South Korean officials are intent on not seeing a repeat of the tense standoff between Ms. Kim and Mr. Pence at the opening ceremony, while playing down speculation about an encounter between Ms. Trump and North Korean officials.

They said they did not intend to arrange a meeting between Ms. Trump and the North Korean delegation. Such a meeting would have placed Ms. Trump at the center of the bitter standoff between the United States and North Korea.

One obstacle to such a meeting is that the North Korean delegation is headed by Kim Yong-chol, a former spy chief who is widely blamed in the South for the 2010 sinking of a South Korean warship and some of the North’s alleged hacking attacks against the South and the United States in recent years. Mr. Kim has been on a United States sanctions list since 2010.

United States officials said that Ms. Trump would not meet with any North Korean defectors during her visit, as Mr. Pence did in an attempt to draw attention to the North Korean government’s many human rights abuses.

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