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Heart breaking news. Really frustrating news this morning for some people hoping ecome parents with the help of a fertility clinic in Ohio. Officials at university hospital’s clinic this Cleveland. More than,000 frozen eggs and embryos may have been damaged when the temperature in a freezer rose above acceptable limits. Joining us is chief medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton. For people all of the country who have frozen eggs or embryos, they should be reassured that an event like this is exceedingly rare. These eggs and embryos are stored in stainless steel tanks filled with liquid nitrogen. Not like a refritsche rater with a plug connected to a wall connected to an electrical supply. This is all about liquid nitrogen. It would have to evaporate for those embryos to be in a temperature too high for them. This is really rare what happened? Incredibly rare. There is no way to know if they have been damaged until they have been thawed and attempted to be used. Is there we’re told some of the the samples date back to the 1980 snz how long can you store these things? We think indefinitely. Easily two decades. We recently report Odden a woman who used an embryo frozen for 24 years. There’s though time limit. No biologic activity occurs when the feeding happens. If you’re thinking of storing your eggs, what do you look at? Go to a facility accredited by start. You should go board-certified reproductive endocrine nolgss and physicians. Ask them how many cycles you do a year. 100 is a good number. 00 is better. You don’t want to go to place that does this sporadically. Dr. Jen Ashton, appreciate your advice and analysis. Hoping for the best with this. Yes, absolutely. .

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