Melania Trump says she feels “great” after a kidney procedure Video

  • Now Playing: Melania Trump says she feels “great” after a kidney procedure

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  • Now Playing: Trump reacts to North Korea statements: ‘We’ll see what happens’

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  • Now Playing: Pennsylvania primaries see record number of women candidates

  • Now Playing: North Korea cancels planned meeting with South Korea

  • Now Playing: Female candidates hope to change Pennsylvania’s all-male delegation in DC

  • Now Playing: Smokey Robinson testifies in favor of Music Modernization Act

  • Now Playing: Mitch McConnell calls for White House aide to publicly apologize for McCain comments

  • Now Playing: DHS secretary warns of ‘turning point’ in cyberthreats

  • Now Playing: Trump invites family of fallen police officer onstage at annual memorial event

  • Now Playing: Trump tweets ‘leakers are traitors and cowards’

  • Now Playing: ‘Melania is … doing really well:’ Trump says

  • Now Playing: Israel acted with ‘restraint’ in Gaza border clash: Haley

  • Now Playing: ‘Start Here’ podcast: Primary day in Pennsylvania

  • Now Playing: WH faces backlash for not apologizing for McCain comment

  • Now Playing: First lady Melania Trump has kidney surgery

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