Trump ‘living proof karma doesn’t exist,’ Colbert says

President Donald Trump referenced the principle of karma on Wednesday after he accused the FBI of spying on his presidential campaign, but Stephen Colbert, host of “The Late Show,” said that was a big mistake.

“Donald Trump, you, for one, should not be talking about ‘What goes around, comes around,'” Colbert said. “You are living proof karma doesn’t exist. I’m sorry. Namaste! I am sorry!”

“I’m sorry to break it to you, Hindus,” he added. “It’s a lawless universe devoid of hope. The stars blindly run. The leash is off. Let’s all go baby-slapping.”

Colbert said he was infuriated when Trump referred to the spiritual principle on Twitter, saying the FBI eventually would get caught in a “major SPY scandal” because “what goes around, comes around.”

“SPYGATE could be one of the biggest political scandals in history,” Trump tweeted later.

Colbert said the aforementioned tweet is the one that really set him off.

“A: A criminal investigation is not spying. It should be ‘Investigate-gate,'” Colbert said. “And B: Spygate has already been used — twice. Once to describe the public identification of Valerie Plame as a CIA officer and again for the New England Patriots’ videotaping of New York jets coaches’ signals. As long as we’re just stealing other scandals’ names, from now on, ‘Watergate’ is the fact that Trump can’t drink one-handed.”

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