So, Now There Are Upside-Down Jeans No One Asked For

If you put a perfectly good pair of jeans down, flipped it and reversed it, you’d have fashion’s latest weird denim offering.

CIE Denim, a New York City-based retailer, is selling upside-down shorts and pants that are basically regular old jeans inverted — with the waistband, belt loops and pockets where the cuffs should be.

CIE Denim

The “Nancy” and the “Will” styles.

Each pair of denim is named after a character from Netflix’s “Stranger Things” — there’s a Will, a Nancy, a Mike, an El and a Lucas — and the general concept seems to be a nod to the show’s Demogorgon-filled parallel universe, the Upside Down.

The shorts and pants cost $385 and $495 respectively — and if that price makes you wanna jump, jump out of your seat, that totally makes sense. Many people online feel the denim is more reminiscent of the ’90s hip-hop duo Kris Kross, who were known for their backward ensembles. 

People in general had a lot to say about the upended (or downended) denim on Twitter this week:

But who knows? Maybe some people will like the fashion enough to drop a few Benjamin Franklins on them.

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