Cancer mum denied disability cash

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Tom McWilliams

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Roisin’s father, Tom McWilliams, said the situation was “soul destroying”

A single mother with stage four cancer has been denied disability benefit.

Roisin McWilliams, from west Belfast, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma on Christmas Day last year.

Due to her illness, Miss McWilliams had to leave her £1,300-a-month job as a chef because “she couldn’t breathe” after fracturing her rib from coughing.

In April, the 28-year-old applied for personal independence payment, which she was subsequently denied.

‘Soul destroying’

Her father, Tom McWilliams told the BBC’s Stephen Nolan Show the situation was “soul destroying”.

Upon learning the news that her PIP application had been rejected, Roisin said it was “heartbreaking”.

She added: “It was as if the stranger who came out to assess me was telling me that I just wasn’t sick enough. And that hurt.”

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Tom McWilliams

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Roisin, pictured here before her illness, recently learned she will need immunotherapy treatment and a stem cell implant

Ms McWilliams has recently learned that she is immune to chemotherapy and that she will need immunotherapy treatment and a stem cell implant.

However, in order to receive the treatment, her consultant must apply for finance.

Tom McWilliams told the Nolan Show the PIP application process was “humiliating” for Roisin.

He added: “To go through that process when you’re suffering with an illness is absolutely demoralising. I am disgusted and so angry”.

The Department of Communities confirmed it would be “reviewing the case in light of any additional information provided”.

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